Semeti Beach Lombok


Semeti beach as a wonder of the world especially when I read the news in one of the national media that the coast of Lombok including Top ten prettiest beaches in the world. In the list that was published by Lonely Planet, beaches on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, aligned with the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands coast, coast of Eleuthera in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Reading the news that does not make me feel satisfied. yes it was chili. island with an abundance of beaches.

Cruise over seas beach in Lombok like to drink water when thirsty. more sea water you drink, the thirstier we feel. as well as Lombok. more beaches I visited, the more my thirst to visit other beaches. That's not enough. today on October 18, 2013, I also read the news from one of the other national media reported that the island of Lombok, including the five best island in Asia. Beauty Lombok and Bali is recognized as one of the best island in Asia. This is evidenced by the CN Traveler readers. of the five islands, two of Indonesia. Bali continues to be the belle of the best beats Phuket and Koh Samui, Thailand. Lombok always able to overshadow the beauty of the island of Bali.
Including one of the beautiful beaches in Lombok it is Semeti Beach. Semeti beach adjacent to the beach Mawi, Central Lombok. the road to the beach Semeti is not better than the beach Mawi. no residents near this beach. quiet and still a virgin. Moreover, added to the shape of the coast such as Aquarium and filled with coral reefs with small fish that always accompanied him. so big waves coming. the aquarium-aquarium was filled with sea water. then the sea water out past the cracks natural aquarium. small fish that were scattered mixed with the foam of the waves. so foams disappear, appear small fish that swim in the natural aquarium. This aquarium is the most large in size, the most irregular shape.
Almost forgot, Semeti Beach, Mekar Sari whip located in the Western District of Praya Central Lombok and certainly you will never lose when visiting the beach Semeti because all your tiredness will be paid off with incredible scenery and the main attraction to the unique shape of the coast and sand shaped like pepper.