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It's easy to get to Lombok from Bali, flight time is only 25 minutes and fares start from around Rp 300.000 (approx US $33) one way. buy tickets direct from the airline counters at the domestic airports, or contact local travel agents, in both Bali and Lombok. Lombok international Airport (or Bandara Internasional Lombok, commonly abbreviated to BIL) is the only airport on Lombok. The airport is approximately 40km south of the city of Mataram, and around 1 1/2 hours drive from Senggigi and 25 minutes from Kuta. Airport departure tax is Rp 25.000 for domestic departures and Rp 100.000 for international departure.
Bali to Lombok By Air
In Lombok, flights depart and arrive at Lombok International Airport. In Bali, flights arrive and depart at Ngurah Rai (Denpasar) Domestic Airport.
  • Garuda Airlines has direct flights between Lombok, Bali and Jakarta every day, Call Center: 0 804 1 807 807, Sales Office: (+62 370-642303, 649999. Website
  • Merpati Airlines flies direct between Bali and Lombok four times a day. Lombok, ph:+62 370 621111, Airport:+62 370 633637. Bali, ph:+62 361 420999. Website
  • Trans Nusa Air operates two flights between Bali and Lombok daily. Lombok, ph:+62 370 621111, Bali, ph:+62 361 8477395. Website
  • Lion Air flies between Bali and Lombok with three flights daily. The company share-codes with Wings Air, so you may purchase a Lion Air ticket and find yourself on a Wings Air Flight Lombok, Call Center: +62 80 4177 8899. Bali, ph: +62 361 765132. website
  • Sky Aviation operates morning and afternoon flights between Bali and Lombok every day. The company also offers private charter flights between the islands, as well as other destinations throughout Indonesia. Lombok, ph:+62 370 630 787. Bali, ph:+62 361 936 8320. Website
International Flights
Lombok International Airport has full Visa on Arrival facilities, with efficient and fast visa processing. 
  • Silk Air (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) flies direct between Lombok and Singapore, three times per week. Lombok, ph:+62 370 628254 / 628255. Website
  • Garuda Airlines flies between Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Lombok every day, with a short stop over in Jakarta. Call Center: 0 80 418 07807. Airport: +62 370 649100. Website
Domestic Flights
European connections are easy via Jakarta (the capital city of Java) or Bali. Direct flights from Jakarta to Lombok are available every day and are usually timed to connect with European flights. Lombok is easily accessible from Jakarta, Bali, Jogyakarta and Surabaya and is an important connection for travel to the eastern islands, in particular Sumbawa, Komodo and Flores
  • Garuda Indonesia has direct flights between Lombok, Bali and Jakarta every day, Call Center: 0 804 1 807. Website
  • Lion Air has daily flights between Lombok, Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya. ph:+62 370 664009. Website
  • Merpati Airlines has flights available between Lombok, Bali, Bima, Deli, Bandung, Flores and Kupang. Lombok, ph: +62 370 621111. Website
  • Trans Nusa Air flies between Lombok, Sumbawa and Bima once a day. Lombok, ph:+62 370 624555. Website
  • Batavia Air has flights between Lombok, Jakarta every day. Lombok, ph:+62 804 1 222 888. Website
  • Sky Aviation offers flights to remote and difficult to get to destinations, including Labuhan Bajo on Flores, Batam, Pekanbaru, Jambi and more. ph:+62 370 630787 or see their website for full details.
Bali to Lombok by Sea
Padang Bai Harbour (Bali) provides the sea link between mainland Bali and Lombok. Lembar Harbour (Lombok) is approx. 1 hour south of Senggigi, Lombok. Arrange your own transport and buy tickets direct from the harbours, or use a reputable tour company to provide a transfer service.
Public Ferries depart every hour for the sea voyage between Padang Bai Harbour (Bali) and Lembar Harbour (Lombok). The crossing between the islands costs Rp 36.000 per person and takes approx. 4 to 5 hour. Lembar Harbour ph:+62 370 681 209. Padang Bai Harbour ph:+62 363 41849.

Fast Boats
There are now numerous "fast boat" services operating between Bali and Lombok. Most serve Gili Trawangan, but several also call at Teluk Kodek on mainland Lombok, so fast boats from Lombok to Bali (and vice versa) are an option to flying.

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